“Indy Jarvis” Notice

We, ACW Technologies, are the official creators of the free Jarvis Lite program available on this website, first released on the 25th of January 2015.

For a long period of time, a man who uses the name “Indy Jarvis” has been using and selling our software without our permission in hardware bundles such as car kits. Furthermore, he has impersonated us, often using the name “ACW Technologies USA” in his videos along with our logo, branding and parts of our official videos; again without permission. We are in no way affiliated with this man.

Jarvis Lite has been and always will be free (except for commercial use, as per our license) to download and use for everyone. It has come to our attention however, that not only is he illegally selling our software, but he is also scamming his customers out of large amounts of money for products that they never receive.

No one should have to pay to use our software, and no one should pay for a product so many people have not received. We would therefore like to officially warn everyone of his illegitimacy, and recommend that others refrain from funding his scam.

To contact us regarding this issue or any other issue you may have, please use our contact form or email us directly at [email protected].

- The ACW Technologies Team